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Cloak Hoodie and Earth Charm Necklace by claudiasutton Cloak Hoodie and Earth Charm Necklace by claudiasutton
It feels so satisfying to have finally completed these.

This is a custom-made hoodie that I designed along with a necklace that I made from scratch as well. For the shirt, it was a fun opportunity to create something with traditional lines and silhouettes, but still modern enough to feel at ease. I was drawn to the color and the texture of the cotton too; as it reminded me of a cloak (it was very kind of my mother to let me have the fabric from her collection). Overall, it took me about a week to make. That of which included the original design, drafting patterns, and machine sewing.

As for the necklace, it was all crafted from found objects: A franc, a glass shard, a stone, a twig, and soft-grey feathers. Even the chain was found; I got quite lucky indeed and that made it even more special. I used silver 20 gauge wire to hold the charms in place, twisting them with needle-nose pliers to create swirls and loops where desired, and the feathers were wrapped together using string.

Lastly, I'm wearing one of my Fran wigs that I'll eventually harvest into wefts. I wanted to take the opportunity to wear it at least once before then, and it was just the thing for this photo shoot!

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April 15, 2014
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