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:iconclaudiasutton:claudiasutton posted a status
Metroid Prime…
- Aaron -

Devious Comments

Teoma-The-Naraotor Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Student General Artist
- Because of the more developed detail and realism a game of this caliber has over its classic 2D counterparts, what follows is also an increased violent nature in its action. Claudia was quick to voice her surprise with this situation, and we mutually shared how dreadful the deaths of some creatures and enemies could be at the arm of The Hunter, Samus Aran.
Huh really lol Samus is a Bounty Hunter of course the games will be hard and violent we don't want a Mario games lol, Samus is a Badass who don't wast time with the detail she kill whatever threat come at her ! During her mission. 
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